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Wierdness, Nonsense and cute robotic monkeys

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27th November 2008

8:36pm: The Inedible Hulk
Seriously, what's up with movies about the big green guy? You'd think they'd be a bit more interesting then that. Okay, so the "newest" movie is not that new anymore, but I've just recently seen it and well...

It felt like an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh. No story whatsoever and a "duel" at its climax.

Sure, the fight between the Hulk and Abomination looked a bit more impressive than your average card battle, but still... incredlibe? Eh, IMHO not really, no. :/

2nd November 2006

10:31am: Comedy of Disimprovements
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I just feel the need to rant about random stuff at the moment. Feel free to ignore it.

First, they changed my favorite brand of potato chips! Now, they are less tasty and only half as crunchy. ;_;

Also, some company I'm not going to name felt the need to change the McChicken. They are now smaller than before but also more expensive! o_O;

On a related note, I want to vent about Firefox. It's slow, buggy and tends to crash a lot. What do other people see in it?

But then again, this might be Spot's fault after all. I know it's still messing with the mousepointer, I just can't figure out what's wrong with it. >_<


23rd September 2006

7:38am: The movies were right
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us You know how they say that, whenever you hear a strange sound and go check and the only thing you see is a cat, be suspicious because there might be something else lurking?

Yeah, that happened to me today. I heard a suspicious sound, I went to check it and sure enough, there was a cat walking around. Curiously, I looked around some more, and indeed, there was something else...

... another cat.


Oh, and if you expected any real point to this post, well, tough luck! ;P

8th September 2006

3:50am: Safety belts: How can they ensure your safety when all they do is strangle you?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Hmm, my last post here was pretty negative, I guess. But who cares? :)

Well, what's new: I got myself a new keyboard some time ago (that's good) and a new mouse which does work better than my old one but still not quite right. I believe now that it's not so much the mouse acting up but the very computer itself (which wouldn't be much of a surprise, really). I should seriously consider renaming my computer to "stupid piece of trash"... or "Spot", for short.

Gamewise, I'm at a loss. It appears that it will still take a while until I actually finish a game again. *sigh* Oh well. I did release a demo of an RPG, but that one is in german, so...

Considering kamishibai, I worked sporadically on my own stories from time to time, but now I'm pretty much concentrating on my part of the Neverending Kami Project. The story is getting really complicated now and I'm still trying to figure out a continuation that I'm happy with. I've got many ideas, but I guess they will make the story even more complicated.

Then again, the other contributors didn't exactly care to make things easier, either, so why should I be the first to do so? >:D

Hah! You thought the cast was big before? It will double after I'm through with it! Hahaha!

Ha! (for good measure)

Bye :)

25th July 2006

11:45pm: Pfft...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Rivers are drying out, people are dying from the heat and yet weather-forecasters are still talking about "nice weather". Understandibly, I'm not in the best of moods.

It doesn't help that I accidentally killed my keybord, either. We'll see how it works once it's dry again. Maybe tomorrow. Bleh...

19th June 2006

2:50am: After nearly forever, a new game is in progress.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Yes, A.B Entertainment is back in business!

I'm finally working on a game again. Wow, it's been such a long time since I last worked on one, I almost forgot how good the creative process feels. I just hope my motivation stays long enough for me to finish it.

12th June 2006

9:00pm: Too hot! I'm melting!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Just so you know.

25th April 2006

12:32am: Updated my homepage again
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Made a small update to my homepage again. Nothing big, just two new Kiss-dolls (one of them not so new, but I didn't upload it earlier).

Pff, can't remember when I last uploaded a game... I should really work on something again...

10th April 2006

3:51am: My dog, the great adventurer
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us What a day!

Today, Bingo (one of my dogs) went missing. Mind you, it hasn't been the first time that he "escaped" from the garden to walk around by himself, but usually he's back within an hour or two.

This time he was away for more than eight hours! He was nowhere to be found and you can bet that I was really starting to worry.

He just came back, shortly after 3 AM, and waited patiently in front of the door for me to let him in.

He's such a weird dog, but I'm so glad to have him back. ^__^
Current Mood: relieved

3rd April 2006

9:37pm: Bah!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Ever felt the need to try and slap some sense into some people? I mean, is there a sign on my back reading "Idiots gather here!" or something? I feel like a retard magnet sometimes.
Current Mood: angry
4:22pm: Long overdue update
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us As you might have guessed, there's not much to talk about lately (except if you want to read about my dog actively trying to get on my nerves lately, but I doubt it).

I just realized that I never bothered to write anything about the kamishibai project I announced on early November last year, "Alien Diary - Why humans are weirdos". Well, it's finished and can be downloaded from my homepage. (I really need to remember to use this journal more often. >_< )

What else... one other kami (a continuation of one of my still unfinished serieses) is currently being worked on, but I can't say when it will be finished.

Yeah, not the most exciting update ever, but hey, no one can accuse me of not keeping you updated. :p
Current Mood: tired

19th January 2006

6:37am: I updated my homepage!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us It's true! After almost two years, I finally updated my webpage! Well, at least a small part of it. You can now download not only my "Amy Rose" KiSS-Doll from my Downloads page, you can also find a brand spanking new "OtakuMascot"-Window Sitter there.

It might not be much, but it's a start! So take a look there if you haven't done so already! ^__^
Current Mood: cheerful

16th January 2006

2:07am: Bot-chan
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us In other news, I decided to make some Bot-chan emoticons for this Livejournal. After all, I did name it "Wierdness, Nonsense and cute robotic monkeys", but up until now it was severely lacking on the monkey part.

Doesn't it look oh so shiny? ^__^

15th January 2006

8:56pm: ... where the news are up to date.
I just wanted to inform you that a new year has just started. Just in case you haven't noticed. It's 2006 now. So now you know.

Drawings for the kamishibai artbook project are coming along well. I've finished a bunch of small pictures, usually showing the character in a weird pose or a simple mugshot, but also some more unusual pics. I don't know if they turned out that well but I guess we'll see.

I miiiiiiight tell you which characters I already finished... but I think it'd ruin the surprise. ^__-

And I still don't know when the deadline for this project is. I might as well just draw some more pics. Of course, the wintery darkness does no miracles to my motivation. -__-

... must... listen to... music...! o__O
Current Mood: tired

30th November 2005

8:42pm: Night of the living computers?
Okay, my computer cooperates again... I'm still suspicious though. We'll see how it works.
Current Mood: worried
9:46am: Computer Problems
So, my PC appearantly kicked the bucket. This means that I can't do a lot of stuff anymore that I wanted to work on.

Hopefully I can make it work again somehow... *sigh*
Current Mood: annoyed

9th November 2005

11:37pm: Need to update... rising...
I guess it's about time that I write something here again. Not much sense doing something else. My mouse is currently working against me so making pictures for kamishibai or games or anything really is a pain at the moment. And there goes my motivation. Which is kind of stupid, because I have a new idea:

"Alien Diary - Why humans are weirdos"

Musings of an alien on everyday human life. If I get tired enough, I'll probably start working on it today (which shouldn't be much of a problem as I hardly get enough sleep anymore). If not, it might as well never see the light of day. Argh, Motivation, where art thou?

Oh, and talking of sleep: Did you know that one of my dogs speaks in his sleep from time to time? Well, barks in his sleep anyway. He makes the cutest little noises. ^^ It almost sounds like hiccups.

26th October 2005

1:51pm: Oy
During the last couple of days, my life has been a world full of pain while I felt my sanity slipping away.

Then today I found this flash animation.

Isn't it just so cute? Didn't do much for my sanity, but it definately made my day. ^__^
Current Mood: crazy

26th September 2005

8:14pm: I'm finally back
I've moved in quite some time ago, but I didn't yet have internet access of my own. Now I do. :)

It's so good to be back. Now to catch up with all the stuff I missed. (And my homepage could need an update, too.)

Anyway, hello again everyone! :)

6th March 2005

10:53pm: I'm moving
Yes, my family and I are currently in the process of moving away, which means lots of boxes, chaos and frustration. I hope everything will work out all right, as it didn't begin all too well. However, by the looks of it, our new home is going to be pretty nice.

Still, there's a lot to pack, a lot to move and a lot of frustration. It will be a relief once everything is over and done with. :)

18th February 2005

2:20am: +++News Flash+++
I've got a cold.

Yeah, this is neither interesting nor amusing in any way, I know, but I haven't used this thing for a long time, and I just don't know what to post.

So I just thought to let the world know that I have a cold.


Uhm, yeah...

Well, now that the world knows, I think I'll go to bed now. Maybe read something first. And then go to bed. Good night.
Current Mood: weird

23rd July 2004

6:48pm: Update...
Looks like my tooth will live after all. Cool :)

11th July 2004

6:12pm: Farewell precious eye-tooth. I barely knew ya.
Today I was told that one of my teeth is sick beyond hope. It will probably die pretty soon (and leave a gory mess, no less).

And why? WHY? Because my stupid dentist is blind! Blind I tell you! BLIIIIIIND!!!


Rest in peace, dear friend, and be assured that your death will be avenged... somehow... I dunno.

Oh well...

10th June 2004

1:55am: I'm melting!
Bwaah! It's hot! I'm melting! Literally! I can already feel shrinking in size...

Do you know the feeling when an idea is hiding in a corner of your brain and you just can't reach it? You just know enough of it to know that its great, but you don't know any details?


And the heat doesn't make things better...

Why do I even bother... noone is reading this anyway...

...hehehe >:3

1st May 2004

1:29am: Wohoo
After a long time, my internet connection works again. Not that anyone noticed that it didn't work, but I don't care. It works now, and I'm happy about it.

What else...?

I've seen "The hidden window" today. Wierd movie. Strangely good, but wierd. Poor dog.

Okay, that's enough for today. :P
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